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Q: What is it, that you think, that gives Incubus it's cutting edge?
Incubus: Mike & Dirk: A knife!
Q: How did the members of the band meet each other?
Mike: Love at first sight.
Dirk: Singles ads.
Brandon: We were in school together.
Dirk: I need to elaborate. We placed an ad saying "rock band seeking bitchin frontman with long hair a la Sebastian Bach."
Q: What was the coolest show you played at ozzfest?
Brandon: Ohio. Where the plane landed during our set.
Kilmore: There was a plane that landed right in the middle of one of our songs. The runway was right behind the stage. But it was lucky -- it sort of sounded like a sample. Everyone looked at me like, "what are you doing?"
Dirk: It distracted all five kids that were watching.
Q: Are you planning a headliner tour any time in the near future?
Mike: We just did one.
Kilmore: We're still doing one.
Dirk: Where have you been?
Q: How dope is Kilmore?
Incubus: Mike: Kilmore is pretty dope.
Kilmore: Real dope.
Q: I'm from Australia and I wanted to know how big Incubus is in the states coz we haven't heard much about them?
Kilmore: They're big. Real big.
Dirk: We're Australian for "rock band."
Kilmore: I'm surprised you haven't heard of us because we're so big in the Philippines.
Brandon: They are so big the Rolling Stones open up for them. Haven't you heard?
Q: Who was the guy you talked to on Enjoy Incubus, the one speaking in tongues?
Mike: It was the devil.
Brandon: By our definition, he was the devil. He was. And I apologize to anyone on the chat who's a born-again Christian who has no teeth and he basically thought that because we didn't share his beliefs that WE were the devil and we would burn in hell very soon. So he started speaking in tongues to me to demonstrate his connection to God, and little did he know I am schooled in gibberish.
Q: How much do you guys like Adam Sandler because at a show in Coloumbia,MO brandon quoted "Billy Madison" alot?
Mike: We want to marry him.
Brandon: Adam Sandler has been a big influence on our band too.
Dirk: Yeah, him and cartoon porn pretty much shaped our first record.
Q: Do you know any up coming bands like Incubus that people should check out?
Mike: Gruvis Malt from Providence, RI. They are dropping the gravy.
Brandon: Frontside from Temple City.
Mike: Hoobustank and Vent. (Vent's my brother's band)
Q: Did you snort any ants with Ozzy like Motley Crue?
Dirk: WHAT?
Kilmore: We snorted centipedes. One-legged centipedes.
Dirk: I'd lick a frog if it would get me high.
Q: Whats you guys's favorite videogame?
Mike: Gran Turismo. But you can't mess with the old school Dragon's Lair.
Brandon: My favorite video game is walking in front of the video game when these guys are playing and they yell at me.

Excerpts From a Webchat, 1998

Brandon: Jose peed on my hand yesterday.
Jose: Yes, it was great. Our relationship is thriving right now. It’s at an all-time high.
Rolling Stone

Mike:Last time we tried to do the whole boy band thing, it didn’t work out.
Brandon:I’m a terrible dancer
CNN Headline News, on if they’ll break into ‘NSolo-like separate careers during their much needed break

Dirk Lance: Ultimately, the only thing that matters is, is there integrity in your music? Are you really proud of what you do? The fact that you have bitchin' abs is completely irrelevant. 
Brandon Boyd: Are you saying I have bitchin' abs?
Einziger: I think we should kick Brandon out of the band and get some really big, fat, ugly guy. Then the critics will like us.
MTV Interview, 2002

Brandon: Put two and two together: Nice to Know you, Goodbye. 
Mike: Yeah, Brandon's a mathematician.
On the meaning behind 'Nice to Know You', Rockline interview

Mike: Next we are gonna take you guys into our little John Malkavich room.
Brandon:This is where brain cells are destroyed.
 MTV Cribs