Ultimate Incubus Source

This is a list of the different stories we have heard about the Mystic! Some from fans, some from Incubus themselves, but it was different each time we have asked them. Some of these are also taken from interviews.

Name is "Charles Mulholland".
- Lead-singer Brandon Boyd's dad, "Chuck Boyd".
- 60's advertisement model for Kool cigarettes.
- Advertisement model for Salem cigarettes.
- 70's actor.
- 70's porn star.
- 70's UFO cult member.
- A morphed object of all the band members faces.
- 70's girl's physical-education teacher.
- Guy who did voice-overs for 70's sex-education films.
- Plays a news reporter in the movie "Predator 2".
- Lives in Calabasas, California and in other countries.
- Sometimes is at Incubus concerts in California.