Ultimate Incubus Source


Light Grenades
Release Date: Nov 27, 2006
Label: Epic/Immortal
Catalog#: EICP-730 (JAP)
Recording: Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood, California / Southern Tracks Recording Studio, Atlanta, Georgia
Produced by: Brendan O'Brien
Notes: Includes the B-Sidess - 14. Punchdrunk, 15. Look Alive

Live In Malaysia 2004
Release Date: Aug 10, 2004
Label: Epic/Immortal
Catalog#: E2L 92716
Notes: Performed live at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Mar 16, 2004

Live In Japan 2004 Release Date: Jun 01, 2004 Label: Epic/Immortal Catalog#: E2L 92630 Notes: Performed live at Zepp in Osaka, Japan on Mar 05, 2004
Live At The Roxy Theatre - January 24, 2003 Release Date: Jun 03, 2003 Mike Einziger and featuring Jose Pasillas, Ben Kenney, Neal Evans, Suzie Katayama and a guest appearance by Brandon Boyd
Make Yourself Tour Edition - 2-Disc Import Release Date: Oct 16, 2001 Label: Epic/Immortal Catalog#: EPC 495040 9 (EUR) Recording: NRG Recording Services, N. Hollywood, California Produced by: Scott Litt


Live In Sweden 2004
Release Date: Jul 13, 2004
Label: Epic/Immortal
Catalog#: E2L 92722
Notes: Performed live at Annexet in Stockholm, Sweden on Apr 18, 2004

Live At Lollapalooza 2003
Release Date: Oct 07, 2003
Label: Epic/Immortal
Catalog#: EL 90769
Notes: Performed live at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in San Francisco, California on Aug 19, 2003

Morning View Tour Edition Release Date: Oct 01, 2002 Label: Epic/Immortal Catalog#: EK 86924 Recording: The Stern House, Malibu, California Mixing: Record One Studios Produced by: Scott Litt Strings Arranged and Conducted by: Suzie Katayama Notes: The DVD included the behind-the-scenes tour footage called "On The Road" and the uncensored video for "Are You In?"