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Simply For The Love Of Music - The History of Incubus

After touring, the band released the album "S.C.I.E.N.C.E" on September 9th 1997 and headed back on the road to promote the album.  Incubus played a handful of dates with Phunk Junkeez and Shootyz Groove before jumping on tour with 311 and Sugar Ray. Incubus were only expected to stay on for the dates within the United States, however things changed. The tour went so well and the response from the crowd was so great, that 311 asked them to stay on for the remainder of the tour and go over seas with them.

Then in February of 1998 the band asked their DJ, DJ Lyfe, to leave the band. They decided that with him in the band they could not longer be a productive family and Incubus is a family. A friend recommended they check out DJ Chris Kilmore to fill the position. The band loved his style and his attitude about life, and asked him to join the band permanently.  Though he only had a few days to learn the songs, most fans accepted the change with open arms once they came to realize how talented this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native was. 

After the very productive tour with Sugar Ray and 311, and a DJ replacement, Incubus began tours with many other bands, including: Far, One Minute Silence, Cold, Limp Bizkit, and then jumped on the Warped Tour for 3 dates in June and July. Then on July 3rd, the band began the Ozzfest '98 tour, which included, Snot, Tool, Coal Chamber, Ultraspank, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, and others. 

After Ozzfest the band headed out with Hedpe, Snot, and Soulfly for a while, until they joined up with System of a Down and Dial 7.  This took the band up to October 25th, 1998, at which time they replaced Ice Cube on the Family Values Tour for the 4 remaining dates.  This proved to be huge for the band.  They landed a spot on the "Family Values" compilation album, and decided to use the track 'New Skin'. The band finished the year by playing dates with Orgy, Korn, Hedpe, 2 Skinnee J's, Frontside, and Papa Roach on various dates.

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