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Simply For The Love Of Music - The History of Incubus

Touring throughout 1996, Incubus established themselves as an amazing live act, gaining a dedicated following up and down the west coast of the United States. To start off the new year, Immortal Records released Incubus' EP entitled "Enjoy Incubus" on January 7th, 1997.  The album featured re-recordings of 4 tracks off their independent record (Fungus Amongus), plus 2 recently written tracks.  These were the first recordings to feature the newly acquired Gavin Koppel aka. DJ Lyfe.

After the release of Enjoy Incubus the band completed several mini-tours in support of it. Touring with the Urge and Korn in Europe....This tour was a total success. Incubus played in front of more people then they had ever before. Going on stage winning fans one by one. 

After going into the studio and recording their full length major label debut, Jim Wirt was putting together a soundtrack for the Movie 'Spawn', and it featured, Korn, Metallica, Filter, Chemical Brothers, Soul Coughing, among others.  He of course thought that Incubus would make a great choice, and the album was released under Immortal Records as well, Incubus' home. The Spawn Soundtrack, which was released on July 29th, 1997, featured Incubus collaborating with DJ Greyboy on the track "Familiar". As soon as they finished recording the track, the band did what they do best, hit the road, supporting acts such as Snot, Far, and the Phunk Junkeez.

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