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Chris Kilmore Quotes

"I am kind of a man of mystery.  I like not being in the spotlight.  I kind of like being in the background.  I like to observe a lot of things.  Nothing really rattles me so I don’t stress very much about a lot of things.  I have that Buddha mentality."

"I remember when they called me to try out for them.  I think we had maybe an hour-long tryout.  Forty-five minutes of that I didn’t even set my gear up.  We just sat there and talked about conspiracy theories and the meaning of life and what our beliefs are.  I remember Brandon and I found out that we were both Aquarius’s  and we started buddying up with each other.  Then Mikey had some crazy, wild stuff to talk about and we just ended up talking.  I think for them that was actually as important as my musical ability.  They wanted someone that they could get along with and they could bare while we’re on the road."

“You know what.  I’m done.”  I was tired of living check to check.  I knew I could go back and DJ and make a living doing it no problem.  I told her if you want to move back, I’m down.  We just have to save some money.  She got all happy.  When I woke up the next morning Incubus’ lawyer called me, and then Mikey (Einziger) called me about 5 minutes later.  And then the day after that I tried out.  Two days later we were on the road.  I think we did almost 300 shows on that tour.  It was maybe only two or three months after S.C.I.E.N.C.E. came out."

"I remember right one of the coolest scratch things that I think I’ve done is the  “11 am” riff and that’s me beat juggling an old school Indian record that I have.  I remember Mikey heard it and said, “Well I have this riff and let’s put them together.”  That’s what happened.  Me and Mikey actually do that a lot.  Mikey is really open minded about crazy, weird music." 

"I look down at the front row and it used to be all guys. Now it’s like half guys and half girls. Sometimes you see the look on their face — they’re like in terror. They can’t believe the crowd gets this rowdy," And it’s cool, man. We feed off them and they feed off us. It’s very circular."

"You think of rock ‘n’ roll and you think of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, You think of tons of strippers and mounds of cocaine and people destroying hotel rooms and stuff like that. But none of that happens with us. At least not yet, We’ve destroyed dressing rooms…but it was with fruit."

"With Incubus, it’s like my oracle of craziness. I can create with anything I want, and my band members encourage me to do that."

I’m a famous international soccer player!
to a young boy who didn’t know him but apparently wanted his autograph because other people wanted it too

It was cool. I just used candles at night.
Kilmore before joining Incubus and sometimes having no electricity, Spin (October 2001)