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Brandon Boyd Quotes

“When we are low on energy, and trying to be expressive, it’s like bringing a spork to a gun fight.” So, what can you do, right now to get away from the machine, increase your energy, and come back firing on all creative cylinders?

When I started 10th grade, my friends and I formed a band, and that seemed to ease certain transitions through school a bit too. But for clarity’s sake? I ate lunch at the Stoner’s table.

I have close friends who mentored under good, creative people and the results are astounding. I doubt there is any one way to squeeze expressive people through the cracks. I am of the mind that everyone has the potential to make masterpieces.

Subvert Magazine: Overcoming Obstacles 2/26/2012

"You can't underscore enough luck. We've had a lot of luck, a lot of good fortune. And for that we are very blessed."]Maybe a little bit more like a family might. We have a family dynamic. So when shit goes wrong, it goes really wrong. But at the end of the day we are like, ‘I love you dude, I’m sorry. That was mean of me to take the last beer. I’ll go buy another one for you.’”

Yeah! There's one song called "Dig" and it's Fucking Awesome. There's a song called "Oil and Water" which is Fucking Awesome. Aceite y agua. There's another song called "Pendulous Threads" which is Fucking Awesome. There's another song called "Punch Drunk"which is Fucking Awesome. How about Awesome Fucking? (name of next album) (spoken with a "bad" English accent) - To put it lightly it's the best record of anyone that I've ever heard on tape. You can't even listen to it. It's so good!
1/13/06 Podcast re: Mike, Brandon and Steve Rennie discussing the "New album".

We have all the elements of being the worst band in the world: a bass player who’s got some slap-bass shit, heavy riff guitars, a DJ scratching on the songs, a crazy drummer, and a singer who’s in touch with his feminine side. Even our band name is the worst name ever: it evokes imagery of ‘Incubus’ in death-metal writing, with bullet belts across our chests.
 RS, being satirical on how his band ‘comes off’ from his most objective view

She is a girl so I wouldn’t slap her. I would lock her in a room full of spiders and let her think about what she’s doing to the youth of America.
On what he would do if he met Britney Spears

Do I have something in my teeth?
To Britney Spears with a mouthful of birthday cake on TRL 2/17/02

Do we get crowns or anything?
TRL, to Carson Daly who had just claimed – for better or for worse – that Britney and Brandon were considered ‘sex gods’

This bra is dirty. Not like the dirty you all are thinking but there's actually dirt all over it. Like the girl who threw it up here, God bless her, had been rolling around in the dirt. But we like that!
after catching a bra someone threw at them at the New Orleans 7/1/02 concert

If I come across hard in my pictures it's because.....I AM hard!
TV show after some guy said that Brandon always looks so hard and tough in his pictures but in reality is really funny and laid back.

I don’t think I’ve actually experienced a woman just handing out vagina. I’ve never experienced that yet. 
In Rolling Stone scoffing at accusations that women must throw themselves at him all the time

The girl I find who wants to talk about quantum theory in a bar is the one I want to marry.
Rolling Stone, on his “ideal” soulmate

Supposedly, I’ll get an ass when I’m twenty-eight. 
RS, on his genes

Female artists are the perfect example of a creator: They know how to make life and art with their bodies. Life comes from their bodies, so on a very basic level, they have more to write about.
RS, on some of his favorite female artists such as Ani DiFranco and Bjork

Men have a lot less to write about, unless you're somebody like Tom Waits or John Lennon. And the female voice is much more suited to melody. Men have this barky thing-we're domesticated apes with a microphone.
More on why his favorite singers are mostly women

If Tomahawk got the recognition they deserve, I would celebrate with Jacuzzis and midgets.
Rolling Stone, on a favorite band of his

This situation has helped me communicate a little better.
MTV’s Diary, on how his band’s notoriety has helped him with his social skills

I learned from a very young age that if I persued the things that truly excited me, that they would reward in more important ways, like happiness.
MTV's Diary, on his motivation

I can’t say that it’s my favorite place in the world. The vibe is a little too….glitzy….and like all in your face. ‘Look over here. Buy this! Spend all your money here, for me!’… I like more subtle places.
Diary, on Las Vegas

Boyd: The coolest thing in the world is being on the Ozzfest in the middle of the day, with 10,000 sweaty people drinking beer, singing along to [our cover of Madonna's] "Like a Virgin."
Unknown Interview

Dude... could you imagine doing a record at Chuck E. Cheese's? It's pretty freaky.
on cool places they could take their recording setup

I heard Virginia is for lovers. Are there any lovers in the house? Oh my god. Did I actually just say "in the house"?
during a concert

Someone's birthday is today. His name is Corbin and he's doing our sound in the back. Give him a round of applause. Don't get too drunk yet dude, Wait for me.
a concert

We don't know much about him. We do know that he came from a sperm meeting an egg. Actually, his name is Charles Mulholland. We don't know what he does, but he sure looks like he knows something.
On Chuck, Smother 1997

Q: Have you ever met or played with Pantera? And if so, what was the experience like. Rumor has it they are pretty tough on other bands.
Brandon: I met Phil, the singer, in Holland as we were coming offstage at the Dynamo Festival in Holland. He had a really low voice and shook my hand really hard. And I had to change my pants after that. He was really nice, but pretty scary. I don't even know why. Maybe it was all the tattoos. But we're much tougher...
From a webchat, 1998

Q: What's the hardest thing about being on the road?
Brandon: Gig butt. Truck Stop food. No sleep. No showers. This equals gig butt
From a webchat, 1998

She has a fascination with Mayan prophecies, and she's writing a book that's sort of her remembrance of her past incarnation. Whatever she applies herself to, she makes it this beautiful, glorious world around her. All of us kids have always been artistic because of her influence.
on his mom, Dolly Wiseman. Spin (October 2001)

Recently I saw this beautiful girl on the beach in Barcelona, and it took me 45 minutes to get up the nerve to talk to her.
on being a total idiot around gorgeous women, Spin (October 2001)

When we're making music together, it's like five men making love-in a very platonic sense. It's very erotic, because your spirits are intermingling, you're becoming one. It's also why it can get so heated. You're tapping into this electricity that's very primal.
citing reasons for the band's group therapy Spin (October 2001)

And he was on Days of Our Lives a couple times. He was also in a Julio Iglesias video, that duet with Diana Ross. I thought that was the coolest shit ever. I still think it's the coolest shit ever!
on his dad Spin (October 2001)

Warning is a song that practices the art of reservation and anticipation.
Brandon talking to Jabba on channel v in australia, 2002

Maybe someone can teach it to us, and we'll start playing it the end of this whole thing, we would have gotten through the entire song, and we can say we played Azwethinkweiz.  
after attempting to finish Azwethinkweiz during the ATT acoustic webcast

Morning View is I think collectively probably our favorite record that we have made as a band because it was the most effortless... um... in its conception... you know? It was a lot less slaving over parts and trying to just get together in this big beautiful room with a view of the ocean and parts and sounds and melodies and lyrics would just happen... they would just sort of spill out of us without us really trying... so to me that's sort of the most amazing way to write music or do any kind of art,  which is by letting it happen... but one of the most important parts in any sort of.. uh... journey so to speak.. Is uh... the ride... and we've had a really good time riding to where ever it is we are going... and I don't even think any of us know particularly where it is going to take us... But it's been really fun sort of chasing it.
Discussing Morning View on Boogie TV interview was done the day of their concert at Vega, Copenhagen

Brandon: So what did you guys do to get tickets into this little room today?
Someone: *shouting* We had to ring the radio station!
Brandon: *pointing the mic at him* You had to what??
Brandon: Ring the radio station?? ... Nothing like, sexual or anything like that? ...No? Well what the hell? We had to do a lotta crazy shit to get in here!
To a crowd before a radio concert in Sydney Australia

Jose just got a tattoo of an ass tattooed on his ass the other day. It's actually quite fascinating. Confusing, but fascinating. When you come to the show, ask him about it. He'll show you.
Brandon, Rockline interview

Hmmm the lamp doesn't work. This sucks, it's the most expensive item on our set and it doesn't work, we're sorry.
Philadelphia,PA 5/31/02

You guys like the stage set? cool, huh? look at that scuba guy dead in the water over there. total mafia execution.  
During the ATT acoustic Webcast

Lasers, thats what makes it look so real, is the lasers.  And we're playing with what is  know as a "Death Star"... Hello?
During a Sydney Interview, quoting 'Austin Powers'

If I forgot some stuff, please excuse me; I ate the brown acid at Woodstock '69 and can scarcely remember my own name.
In his "Thanks" for the MV album

Yeah, Britney Spears has got nothing on me, I can dance like a mother fucker.
On the filming of warning vidio clip

Dirk Lance has something planned for you... I fear for you all.
ATT unplugged before they played the acoustic version of the warmth

Gotta be quiet, theres a camera crew in there, if they hear us they throw out the take, they will get mad!
the morning view sessions

Ah, heavy metal in the morning!
During the 'Breakfast with Incubus' performance, after playing 'Drive'

Thank you for not throwing any sharp objects onto the stage, because they really hurt.
After playing Just a Phase on 9/27/02

We're like festival whores, I would have loved to do Lilith Fair.
Talking about being invited on Lollapalooza 2002

We may have played for twenty thousand, we may have played for ten thousand, all that matters is that I saw boobies and I liked them!
After playing a concert, When Incubus Attacks Vol. II

Chlorophyll? More Like Borophyll!
quoting "Billy Madison" on 04/08/1998 in Columbus, OH

I promised myself I'd say something about this extremely homoerotic statue. Look at it, he's naked with a sword and a Mohawk!
Pointing to a statue of Tommy Trojan. 09/30/2000 University of Southern California